Sweet Laurel Savory Cookbook Review

Sweet Laurel Savory Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
August 29, 2022

Sweet Laurel Savory: Everyday Decadence for Whole-Food, Grain-Free Meals

In this week's cookbook review, we decided to bring something for those looking for a healthier lifestyle, so without further ado, here is our review of Sweet Laurel Savory Cookbook.

Beloved for stunning and clean-yet-decadent cakes and confections, the grain-free brand Sweet Laurel offers its most delightful savory provisions, from pantry staples and breads to pastas, pizzas, and feasts.

The recipes are gluten-free and refined sugar–free with keto, paleo, dairy-free, and vegan options, as well. Whether you're working toward a more wholesome way of eating and living or working around food allergies, Sweet Laurel Savory brings satisfying simplicity to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond.

Sweet Laurel Savory

No More Restrictions

Everyone should be able to have a slice of cake on their birthday or should be able to enjoy a fun Taco Tuesday, no matter their challenges with food. This is the philosophy behind Sweet Laurel Savory.

This book contains multitudes of healthy foods and adaptable practices for becoming a daily cook and baker. With Sweet Laurel's uncomplicated whole-food approach, the recipes here are as doable as they are flavorful and healthy. Simple and readily available core ingredients build the foundation for indulgent favorites and craveable staples.

The book starts with basic, core baking recipes, which are the foundation for the meals you'll find later in the book. From weeknight favorites to celebratory holiday entrées to comfort foods, including Sicilian Pan Pizza, Epic Bagel Spread, The Ultimate Sweet Laurel Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, and Zucchini Lattice Tart, you'll never feel restricted.

In this book, Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas gone through families' recipes scrawled on index cards, unearthed their personal, stashes of vintage cookbooks, and recalled favorite meals they grew up eating. Sweet Laurel Savory is nothing more, nothing less than a deeply personal extension of their first cookbook and of the Sweet Laurel brand.

Sweet Laurel Savory
Beef Broth Provençal Soup. Photography by Claire Thomas (p. 165)

Healthy Recipes

Sweet Laurel Savory combines Laurel's top priority, which is always having quality ingredients, free of anything unnatural, and Claire's integrity of the final product - a pizza should taste like pizza, and pasta should taste like pasta.

The combination of these two philosophies means each recipe has a healing, good-for-you component, while also tasting like the real thing, and sometimes even better version of the real thing.

Sweet Laurel's motto has always been keep it simple, and it's pretty evident in this book. Whether you're turning an elaborate chocolate layer cake recipe into a simple cake with even simpler frosting or taking a challenge of making a grain-free brioche, this approach stays the same.

The only thing we would have liked to see different in this book is the use of the metric system, the ingredients are only listed in volume, and the use of Celsius degrees in addition to Fahrenheit.

Sweet Laurel Savory
The Ultimate Sweet Laurel Burger. Photography by (p. 186)

Final Thoughts

Sweet Laurel Savory is a book that shows that it is possible to have delicious meals no matter what food limitations you have. With 85 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time, there will be a lot of different options to crave your appetite.

If you struggle with health problems like food allergies or just want a healthier diet, we encourage you to look at this book because it may change how you look at food.


More than a cookbook, Sweet Laurel Savory is a delicious solution for people who struggle with food allergies.









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