Best Cutting Board: The Complete Guide

Best Cutting Board: The Complete Guide
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
February 6, 2019

The Best Cutting Board You Can Buy

As you might notice the cutting board is the most essential tool in your kitchen for meal prep. Nowadays you can find numerous types of cutting boards, from plastic to wood and even bamboo. To help you find the perfect solution for you, we decide to share our guide about the best cutting board you can buy.

We all know that a cutting board is not the fanciest kitchen utensil. It’s not shiny, it doesn’t turn, flash, or beep. In fact, it doesn’t perform any high-tech hijinks at all. Although this is not the most high-tech equipment you can buy, a high-quality cutting board is an essential kitchen tool. If you pay attention you will see that the preparation of many food and meals require a cutting board.

Most chefs and food experts agree that you should have a minimum of two cutting boards: One for cutting raw meats and one for chopping raw vegetables and everything else. As we already said there are cutting boards made from a variety of materials, but according to experts, plastic and wood are the best materials for most kitchens.

best cutting board
John Boos Cutting Block RA01

Plastic Cutting Boards: Pros and Cons

For us, the main benefit of a plastic cutting board is that it is very easy to clean. In most cases, you can throw it into the dishwasher, and wait until it is clean. On the other end, these boards have something that we ate! They scar very easily and over time you can create deep knife gouges that can become home to dangerous bacterias.

In contrast to what people talk, plastic cutting boards can be more dangerous than traditional wooden boards. Accordingly, to the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin, plastic cutting boards can actually have more bacterias than wooden cutting boards. In addition, to this information, the studies also found that wooden cutting boards fared better than plastic ones when exposed to toxic bacteria strains like Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria.

Another disadvantage of plastics is that it tends to be rougher for your knives than wood. But on the other end, plastic is very durable, affordable, and requires almost no maintenance.

best cutting board
OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

Wooden Cutting Boards: Pros and Cons

For us our favorite material for making cutting boards is wood. Wooden cutting boards look gorgeous and you can get them in tons of different styles, shapes, and wood grains. They are heavier than plastic boards, which will give you a better base to prep your food. They also won’t dull your knives much, either. The only disadvantage is that they require much more maintenance than plastic ones. They must be washed and dried carefully after each use and oiled regularly.

When its time to buy your wooden board you will have to options: end grain boards and edge grain boards. End grain boards are the more expensive option of the two. They’re made of several board ends glued together. They tend to be more gentle on knives, but more susceptible to drying out, staining and cracking. Meanwhile, edge grain boards are easier to clean, but they tend to be harder on knife edges than end grain boards. However, they withstand moisture-based cracking and splitting better.

best cutting board
John Boos End Grain Block CCB2015-225

Bamboo Cutting Boards: Pros and Cons

Bamboo is another popular material that is commonly used to make cutting boards. You might think bamboo is wood but it’s actually grass. This material makes great cutting boards that are attractive, lightweight, and affordable. This material is a great ecological option when compared with wood. A typical bamboo shoot can become fully mature within three to six years. Similarly to what happened to wooden boards, bamboo boards, need to be oiled on a regular basis.

best cutting board
Totally Bamboo Big Easy Bamboo Chopping Block

At The End

In our opinion, the best cutting board is something that is a matter of personal preferences. There is no such thing as the best cutting board! The best one will be the board that perfectly suits your needs. In the end, the best advice we can give you is that you should think before you made your purchase. Decide if you want to spend time caring your board or if you simply want to put it on the discharger, for saving time. Choose a size that perfectly suits your kitchen and you. If you think in these details before your purchase we guarantee you that you will not regret.

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