Claire Saffitz Youtube Channel

Claire Saffitz Youtube Channel
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
January 11, 2023

Become a Dessert Person with Claire Saffitz Youtube Channel

Continuing with our week dedicated to Youtube channels and following yesterday's recipe, we bring you Claire Saffitz Youtube Channel.

With more than one million followers on YouTube, Claire Saffitz doesn't require much introduction. Previously Senior Food Editor at Bon Appétit magazine, where she worked for five years in the test kitchen, Claire is now a freelance recipe developer and video host.

With two books, Dessert Person and What's for Dessert, both New York Times bestsellers, Claire has been considered the baking hero for a new generation.

Like her books, her Youtube channel empowers reluctant home bakers to bake more confidently and approach food with greater joy because anyone can be a dessert person - even people who think they're not.

Claire Saffitz Makes an Apple Tart | Dessert Person

Claire Saffitz Makes Soft & Crispy Focaccia | Dessert Person

Claire Saffitz Makes CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | Dessert Person

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