Mad Scientist BBQ Youtube Channel

Mad Scientist BBQ Youtube Channel
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
May 19, 2021

Jeremy Yoder The Mad Scientist BBQ

You know that we love to share with you some of the best food content we can find online. So today, for our lifestyle article we decided to share with you a recent YouTube channel that we start to follow, the Mad Scientist BBQ.

Jeremy Yoder is the barbecue enthusiast behind the Mad Scientist BBQ Youtube Channel. In his channel, he'll take you through all of the steps of making great BBQ while dispelling some of the common myths that are so pervasive in BBQ cooking. He'll cover some of the science behind different techniques and approaches as well as why some methods really aren't worth your time.

Although he is not a competition cook, he spent many hundreds of hours watching the fires and nurturing the meat in his smoker. With his channel, he shares what has learned, in the hope to help you to avoid some of the (many) mistakes he has made along the way.

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