Pearl Jars: Our New Go-To Jars

Pearl Jars: Our New Go-To Jars
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
May 10, 2023

Discover the world of Pearl Jars: High-Quality, Versatile Glass Jars for Preserving, Storing, and More

With so many of you asking us about the new jars we have been using, we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to Pearl Jars.

Known for their high quality and versatility, Pearl Jars are perfect for preserving homemade jams and jellies, storing pantry staples, and more.

In this article, we'll delve into the brand's history, explore the different types of jars available, and share an interview with one of the founders Lukas Boettger. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, you'll find something interesting here. Join us as we discover the world of Pearl Jars and elevate your kitchen game!

Pearl Jars

Pearl Jars History

The story of Pearl Jars began in 2015 with a goal to develop new solutions for glass jars used for storage and home cooking. As the team delved deeper into the history of canning, they rediscovered a rich heritage of beautiful glass containers from an era when plastic was not yet prevalent, and reusable glass was the norm.

For decades, jar closures have been the main focus of development, with many solutions becoming patented over time. Famous jar brands from the past are still recognized today; however, as times have changed, the demands of packaging have also evolved. Factors such as healthy living, convenience, sustainability, and recycling have impacted the development of modern food containers.

With these factors in mind, Pearl Jars is dedicated to providing healthy, innovative, and eco-friendly packaging for everyday household products. With the help of a team of packaging specialists, this brand has been able to re-imagine traditional glassware products and create innovations that have a distinct design and clear functional benefits.

At the core of Pearl's mission is promoting healthy living and sustainability. These values are the foundation on which the brand was built and continue to guide its future development.

Pearl Jars

In Conversation with Lukas Boettger

Different solutions for food storage have been around for centuries. Where does the idea of rethinking a product like the canning jar come from?

Yes, there have been many solutions for food storage for a very long time, and one of the most common is using glass jars. This is a very traditional method for preserving food, and the options are so common that there hasn't been anything new in the last 70 years.

Today, the principle of using glass jars is still based on the same solutions from 70 years ago. These methods work well and have preserved our food for a long time. However, we now live in a world where we are looking for more sustainable and healthy options.

We looked at the closures and systems that we currently use and found that they have certain flaws that don't make them stand out as sustainable products. This means that they are not recyclable, fully reusable, or healthy to reuse.

Since we have new standards on this topic, we found that there is a lot to improve on these closures. Therefore, we developed three pillars to guide us in the development of new closures: sustainability, health, and functionality.

With sustainability, we focus mostly on reusability, and then recycling after a long period of use. For health, we ensure that the closures are easy to clean and healthy to reuse. And for functionality, we want to create closures that are not only visually different, but also have functional advantages such as being easy to open, creating an easier release of vacuum, and allowing for easy separation of components.

We know that Pearl Jars offers different closure options. Can you tell us more about them and why they are important in the Pearl Jars ecosystem?

Based on our three pillars, we have developed six different and innovative closure systems that fit into different categories. Some closures are specifically for canning, while others are for food storage or fermenting. However, many of them overlap and can be used for more than one purpose.

When looking at canning jars, one clear aspect is the creation of a vacuum, which is essential for canning. Therefore, the closures for our two main canning jars, the Mariposa and Luna Preserving, are very technical and ensure a proper seal and easy opening. The Mariposa has a swing top with an easy opening mechanism, where the advantage is that the ceiling gasket stays attached to the glass cap and doesn't fall off, creating a cleaner environment for canning. The Luna Preserving has a classic screw cap with a two-piece closure and a removable ceiling gasket that won't fall out. Both closures are made of stainless steel and have no lacquer or other chemicals, making them food safe. The Luna Preserving also has a special slot for easy opening of the vacuum.

Our Luna Mesh jar is a classic sprouting jar that is perfect for making your own sprouts at home, which can be expensive to buy in the supermarket. The jar has a ceiling gasket that holds the closure and mesh together, allowing for hygienic water drainage. The Sunny Cap is a classic screw cap jar with a stainless steel ring and glass cup, allowing you to see inside the jar, making it good for both storing and fermenting. We also have a Classic Swing top and a Luna Storage jar, both with stainless steel closures and one-piece designs, making them ideal for storage.

All of our closures are built on our three pillars of sustainability, health, and function. This means that the components are not glued together and are easily detachable for thorough cleaning and long-term reuse. We use only high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that our closures are durable and sustainable.

Pearl Jars

Sustainability and healthy eating usually go hand in hand. What role do Pearl Jars play in this relationship?

I have always loved cooking and making healthy food, but it was difficult for me to understand what makes food healthy and what the complexities of nutrition and sustainability are.

When I started cooking and preserving my own food at home, it opened up a world of curiosity for me. I enjoyed learning about what was inside the food, how it could change over time, and the benefits of fermenting food for our bodies. I could do all of this at home with these jars and have fun exploring and bringing curiosity to my food.

I hope that Pearl Jar can inspire more people to start making their own food at home, understand how food can be preserved and how it changes over time, and learn about the benefits of these processes.

By doing this, people can slowly understand what healthy living is and how it can have a positive impact on the environment. It's not about being perfect right away but about the journey of learning how to improve your diet and live more sustainably. By providing people with the tools to start this journey, we hope to inspire their curiosity and help them live a healthier and more sustainable life.

Never has a brand like Pearl Jars made so much sense these days. How do you see the future of Pearl Jars, and what can we expect from the brand in the next couple of years?

In the future, we hope to grow our community of people who are passionate about fermenting and preserving their own food and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We want to include not only people who have been preserving food for a long time, but also bring on board as many new people as possible to join this community. To make it easier for people who are new to fermenting and preserving to get started, we are creating beginner packs. We have already created a canning and sprouting beginner pack, and we plan to create many more in the future.

These beginner packs will make it easy and fun for people who are new to this community to explore the world of food preservation, fermenting, and healthy living.

Pearl Jars

A Brand to Keep an Eye

In conclusion, Pearl Jars is a brand that brought something new and exciting to the market, offering high-quality and versatile glass jars that are not only functional but also beautiful. With an eye for design and commitment to sustainability, Pearl Jars is now our go-to brand whenever we need to preserve our jams and fermentation projects or whenever we need to organize our pantry.

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