The Biggest TikTok Food Trends

The Biggest TikTok Food Trends
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
March 10, 2021

Top 10 TikTok Food Trends

Even though it was one of the worst years in the history of mankind, 2020 has inspired us to get creative to make the best out of the worst. Thanks to TikTok, we've been given a lot of creative food recipes. TikTok food trends have made it quick, easy, and fun to put a twist on classics and combine favorites. Whether you're making pancake cereals or swithing up with some whipped coffee, TikTok has provided us with loads of yums.

With our lives trapped between the same walls, most of us split our time between staring at the screen of our computers and the screen of our phones. TikTok was the app that seemed to win the largest portion of our increasingly feeble attention spans. The app touts 50 million active daily users in the U.S. Those 15-second videos, have virtually taken over appearing on Instagram, and Twitter. Like any good media platform, it allows people to find content that speaks to them.

If for any reason you haven’t heard about all the delicious goodies, here are some of the tastiest TikTok food trends of 2020.

1. Pancake Cereal  

If we had to choose the cutest TikTok Food Trend, it would be the pancake cereal. Mover over Honey Nut Cheerios and Cap ́n Crunch, and try making these tiny pancakes. Put them in a bowl, cover with milk and eat them like cereals. Think it sounds cute? Well, it is!

2. Whipped Coffee    

The Dalgona Coffee was one of the first food trends that appeared after the coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier last year. After sweeping the scene as the ultimate stay-at-home cup of coffee, this perfectly sweet drink with a fluffy cloud of cream on top will be a food trend that sticks around.

3. Banana Bread

We covered this one back in July. Banana bread has never gone out of style, and last year, this cozy classic has been warming homes with its comforting aroma and getting all the likes on social media, too.

4. Oddly Satisfying for the BBQ Lovers

If there was one TikTok food trend that caught our attention it was this one. All over the world barbecue makers and lovers alike gather to watch extremely satisfying videos of slow-cooked meat being pulled ever so slowly apart. What could be better?

5. Donut Cereal

Tiny pastries were a thing in 2020! There’s just something better about things when they’re mini. This mini donut cereal will satisfy both your breakfast and donut cravings.

6. Ramsay Reacts

It is impossible to have TikTok and never came across Gordon Ramsay's reactions. Using the app’s duet feature the famous chef spliced videos of himself berating chefs alongside some questionable recipes.

7. Cream Cheese and Bell Peppers

Probably the weirdest TikTok Food trend of 2020. Apparently, this was a thing? One user introduced this unlikely combination and, supposedly, it took off. Apparently, it’s keto. No comments!

8. Ice Cream Cake  

Now we are talking! There’s ice cream and there's cake, and then there’s ice cream cake. What could be better than combining these two-party favorites?

9. How to Make Chocolate... From Scratch

It’s finally happened. We’ve been given the tools and know-how to make our own chocolate at home. By far the coolest TikTok Food trend of 2020.

10. DIY Hazelnut Spread  

Another trend that we covered last year. Love Nutella but it's out of stock in your local grocery store? Say no more. This easy DIY hazelnut spread will give you the chocolatey creamy goodness you’re longing for. 

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