What Makes Fable Home Tableware so Special?

What Makes Fable Home Tableware so Special?
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
December 13, 2019

Inside Fable Home Headquarters: An Interview with Joe Parenteau

Two months ago we brought you an article about Fable home, a brand that wants to create the best possible moments at the dinner table. As they say, “Some of the best moments in our lives are made at the dinner table, over shared food and shared stories“.  Due to the success of this first article, we decided to interview Joe Parenteau, Co-founder, to discover what makes Fable Home Tableware so special.

fable home tableware

Tell us a little bit more about why you decided to create Fable Home.

We created Fable Home as a way to help elevate home dining, support artisans, and encourage shared experiences through food. Starting with tableware, we work with artisans in Portugal to bring beautiful products to North America for people to enjoy in their homes at an accessible price.

We hope that our modern yet timeless take on tableware will help inspire people to cook more at home and share the food that they create with loved ones. Through our meal share initiative, with every set of tableware that’s purchased, we give a meal back to those in need as a way to elevate home dining for everybody.

fable home tableware

What’s the difference between buying a Fable Home product from other brands in the market in the same segment?

Our products, designed in Vancouver, are hand-finished by artisans in Portugal which gives each ceramic piece its own unique and organic shape. Traditionally, obtaining beautiful, organic, and ethically produced ceramics has not been accessible to everybody. What Fable Home is that we are able to bring hand finished and ethically created products to people at a more accessible price.

fable home tableware

Despite the advantages of your products, how important is for you the relation with your clients? What kind of relationship you develop with them and how does your customer care work?

I would say our relationship with our customers grows to friendship. Through our pop-ups and local dinners, Fable with Friends, we love to connect with our customers on more than just a tableware basis.

We think great customer support is essential. We offer timely support and also make every purchase risk free with our 100-day trial.

Nowadays, more and more companies are selling directly to the consumer. Do you think this is the future of brands?

I think the future will be a combination of a seamless, risk-free, online experience with the availability to purchase in person at certain locations or certain times of the year. For some people purchasing in person is more enjoyable and just easier, so I always think there will be room on face to face purchases.

You are a company from Canada. Why did you decide to cross the Atlantic Ocean to set up your production lines in Portugal?

We fell in love with the artisanship and quality of people from Portugal. Of course, we believe you can find this throughout many, if not all countries. As we expand into more tableware we hope to bring artisans from all parts of the world on-board as partners of Fable.

fable home tableware

We know that tradition and sustainability are in the heart of Fable Home. Do you think that is important nowadays? Why?

I believe it is more important than ever and is almost table-stakes for all companies. All new companies have a slight advantage of being able to focus on sustainability from day one. Sustainability and ethical creation are woven into every decision we make.

We know that you help your communities with social help. Do you want to tell us a bit more about your charity program?

Yes! We believe greatly in shared experiences and the memories created over shared meals. Not everyone has the privilege of a meal a day, even in our own country. That is why we partnered with MealShare to donate a meal for every set of tableware sold.

fable home tableware

What can we expect from Fable Home in the Future?

We are excited about what 2020 will bring. We are looking into forward to furthering our product lines, glassware, charcuterie boards, serving platers, mugs, etc. But more importantly, we are excited to have our product in the hands of more people and hear about the impact it is making on their home dining.

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