All About Cookies Cookbook Review

All About Cookies Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
April 3, 2023

All About Cookies: A Milk Bar Baking Book

If you love indulging in the sweet, crumbly goodness of cookies, then you're in for a treat with this cookbook review.

In All About Cookies, Christina Tosi brings us into a cookie wonderland with recipes from and inspired by Milk Bar's fan favorites. No cookie form is left unturned, from classic crispies to sandies, sammies, chewies, bars, and even no-bakes.

She remixes an old classic into the marbled chocolate s'more cookie, takes us on a flavor journey with blueberry-and-corn bars, and introduces us to a new favorite with the jelly-donut cookie sandwich.

And all that creativity is meant to rub off: Through dozens of recipes, she shows you how to mix and match ideas, flavors, and textures to turn you into a cookie wizard.

All About Cookies

A New Take On Cookies

All About Cookies is a beautifully designed cookbook that celebrates the art of cookie baking. In this book, Christina puts together a mind-blowing collection of more than 100 new cookie recipes.

What makes this cookbook stand out is Christina's attention to detail and her passion for the craft of baking. She provides in-depth explanations of baking techniques and ingredients, from the science behind how different ingredients affect the texture and taste of cookies to tips for achieving the perfect bake. Her thoroughness and enthusiasm for baking make this book an excellent resource for bakers of all skill levels.

Each recipe is meticulously written with detailed instructions and helpful tips that ensure your cookies come out perfect every time. Christina's fun and quirky personality shines through in the book's design and writing, making it an enjoyable read as well as a practical cookbook.

All About Cookies
Jelly Donut Cookie Sammies. Photography by Henry Hargreaves (p. 30)

Final Thoughts

For those of you who think a cookie is just a cookie, and all cookie cookbooks are the same, think twice because with All About Cookies you'll never look at cookies the same way again.

Whether you’re swapping out peanut butter for marshmallow fluff or adding Milk Bar’s famous Birthday Crumbs to a recipe, this cookbook will reimagine the cookie game for new bakers and pros alike.


All About Cookies is a comprehensive and beautifully designed cookbook that provides a wide variety of delicious recipes, helpful tips, and thorough explanations for anyone who loves cookies or wants to improve their baking skills.









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