Gemma Atkinson Book Review

Gemma Atkinson Book Review
March 2, 2020

The Ultimate Body Plan: 75 easy recipes plus workouts for a leaner, fitter you

To start this month in the best possible way, nothing better than starting a new series of reviews. We know that a healthy lifestyle is nowadays something that most people take seriously, so we think it is time to start bringing you cookbooks about this topic. So, for our first healthy lifestyle cookbook review, we decided to bring you Gemma Atkinson book, The Ultimate Body Plan.

gemma atkinson book
The Ultimate Body Plan Book

Learn to be Healthier

Fed up with dieting? Have you tried everything before and failed? Has your self-esteem and body confidence dropped through the floor? If so, then Gemma’s plan is for you.

The Ultimate Body Plan is a combination of 75 recipes plus a workout plan, for a leaner and fitter you.

We already tested must of the recipes and they are all pretty delicious. In contrast with some healthy lifestyle cookbooks, where the food is bland, in this one, every recipe is delicious and vibrant. The advantage of having such amazing food is that makes everything easier. If you enjoy the food you are eating there will be less probability to give in to temptations.

But the most important thing that this book will teach you is how you can really achieve your dream body. Through Gemma’s 10 Strength Commandments you will be set on a way to success, building your positive mental attitude as you embark on your way to a fit, strong, healthy body!

gemma atkinson book
Green French Toast

A 12 Week Plan

Besides the great recipes, another important part of this book is the 12-week fat-loss training plan. Designed at Ultimate Performance gyms, this plan is split into three different training phases of four weeks each. Being each week composed of four workout sessions – two HIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training) and two weights workouts.

An interesting aspect of this plan is that regardless of the stage you are in, you will always have two training options: one gym-based and one home-based. This is great because it gives you the ability to mix things up a bit, which is perfect for not making excuses for not training.

One of the reasons that make this plan so special is that it was designed to target the “problematic areas” of women’s bodies. For women, these tend to be glutes, upper thighs, and triceps. Typically these are the first places where they gain weight and the last places they lose it from. For this reason, many of the exercises in this plan specially target those areas as they’ll need more work.

gemma atkinson book

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Body Plan is a great book from Genna Atkinson that combines a well-designed program with a selection of delicious recipes. What we really liked about this book is that it is not just a book about weight loss, but a book designed to teach every woman to get the best of their body.

If you are looking for a book that not only teaches you how to achieve your dream body but also how to maintain it all year round, this might be the book you are looking for.


The Ultimate Body Plan is a great healthy lifestyle cookbook, that offers delicious recipes and a well-designed training plan.









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