Gordon Ramsay MasterClass: Second Class Review

Gordon Ramsay MasterClass: Second Class Review
March 22, 2019

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II

To end this incredible MasterClass week, we decide to bring you another Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review.

Gordon Ramsay returns with a second MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With 13 restaurant-inspired dishes, designed to cook at home, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.

Inside Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review

If you haven’t read our review about Gordon Teaches Cooking I, you should definitely take a look before you read this review.

Due to the huge success of his first MasterClass, Gordon Ramsay, decide to make Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes At Home. A MasterClass that will take your cooking skills to another new level. This one starts exactly where the first end. After teaching you the essential kitchen techniques, this time, Gordon will teach you how to use these techniques to produce quality restaurant food at home.

We really love Gordon’s First MasterClass, but his second MasterClass really exceeded all our expectations. With 15 lessons, and recipes such as Crispy Duck with Red Endive, and Spinach, Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken on even the most amazing Pomme Purée, are just enough reasons to buy this MasterClass.

gordon ramsay masterclass

MasterClass Overview

01 –  Introduction

In your first lesson, Gordon explains why he’s back with a second class and how his newest restaurant-inspired recipes will help you wow your next dinner guests with a fabulous at-home dining experience.

02 – Red Wine Poached Egg, Asparagus, and Mushrooms

Learn how to sauté and purée to make this vegetarian main course, plus get tips on how to prep vegetables and poach eggs ahead of time for quick assembly when you’re ready to serve.

03 – Crispy Duck with Red Endive and Spinach

Gordon teaches you how to cook duck breast in its own rendered fat for a crispy skin and tender flesh. Then make a quick cherry glaze and learn Gordon’s techniques for wilting spinach and caramelizing endive.

04 – Pomme Purée

Gordon’s perfect mashed potatoes rely on a waxy potato and potato ricer. Learn how to choose the right type of potato, infuse your cream with flavor, and achieve a smooth and creamy purée.

05 – Cauliflower Steak, Olives, and Mushrooms

Gordon demonstrates how to transform an ordinary head of cauliflower into a show-stopping vegetarian dish. Learn how to sear cauliflower “steaks” and make a flavorful olive pistou with sautéed porcinis to top.

06 – Rack of Lamb with Thumbelina Carrots

Learn how to gently sear a rack of lamb and finish with oven-roasting. Then make Gordon’s updated versions of the traditional mint jelly and mash—a mint yogurt sauce and glazed root vegetables with star anise.

07 – Roasted Eggplant With Basil and Feta

Gordon shares his tips for extracting the bitterness from eggplant and roasting it in its own skin for this vegetarian side dish that quickly comes together. Learn how to incorporate aromatics and Turkish spices for a surprising flavor profile.

08 – Grilled Baby Leeks, Miso Broth, and Caviar Vinaigrette

Make Gordon’s dish of grilled baby leeks, then poached in a miso broth full of umami flavor. Finish the dish by making a luscious, sauce-like caviar vinaigrette or simply omit the caviar to make this appetizer vegetarian.

09 – Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken

Gordon teaches you how to truss and roast a whole chicken encrusted with homemade szechuan pepper mix. Then, carve the chicken into portions you’ll reserve for the salad in Chapter 10 and the ramen broth with udon in Chapter 11.

10 – Hoisin Chicken and Pickled Daikon

Utilizing chicken thighs from Chapter 9: Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken, Gordon teaches you how to make his crispy hoisin chicken, quick pickles, and his unique plating for this salad meant for sharing.

11 – Szechuan Chicken Breast and Udon Noodles

Learn how to make a quick, flavorful, aromatic broth that tastes like it’s been simmering for days, then pair it with udon noodles and the Szechuan-crusted chicken breast—reserved from Chapter 9—for Gordon’s play on chicken noodle soup.

12 – Sesame Crusted Tuna With Cucumber Salad

Gordon says to “treat tuna like you would an amazing wagyu steak.” Learn how to cook such a delicate meat, quick-pickled vegetables, and make cucumber “noodles” finished with a bright, yuzu dressing.finally

13 – Fried Branzino With Thai Chili Lettuce Cups

Gordon demystifies cooking with whole fish. Learn how to trim, marinate, and shallow fry a whole branzino with a stunning presentation that encourages guests to be interactive and build their own lettuce cups.

14 – Raspberry Soufflé

Gordon teaches you the techniques he calls “the science of soufflé.” Learn how to bake airy soufflés with crisp edges and perfect height for a sweet end to a special meal.

15 – Closing

As Gordon says, “cooking isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” He encourages you to stick with it and try your own spin on each dish as you gain confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

gordon ramsay masterclass
Masterclass Content

Much More Than Videos

If you have had the opportunity to watch Gordon’s First MasterClass you should definitely take this second MasterClass. The recipes and techniques are simply brilliant, and the things you have learn in his first class will help you nailed these recipes.

If you miss Gordon’s First MasterClass, don’t worry because is not the end of the world. You can still accomplish great results in this MasterClass. But if you really want to have a full MasterClass experience, you should start with Gordon Teaches Cooking I

Like all other classes, this one comes with a class workbook with more than 90 pages, full of recipes, techniques tips, and secrets! For us, even this class workbook is better than the first one. Although it’s very similar to the previous one, this one contains some recipes timelines, which will help you to perfectly master the recipe.

Similar to what happened in Gordon Teaches Cooking I, in this one you can still interact with students and with Gordon.

At The End Of Gordon Ramsay MasterClass Review

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II, is like Gordon’s MasterClass 2.0. The content is even better than the first one and the results are even more astonishing. If you really like to cook and want to improve your skills you should definitely take a look at MasterClass Website.

Like in all our reviews, this post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. If you are planning to buy this MasterClass or some other, please use our links in order to help us in keeping this blog up to date, giving you the best reviews.


Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II goes an extra mile when compared with Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking I. A MasterClass that will take your home food to a Michelin restaurant level.









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