All About Cake Review

All About Cake Review
October 29, 2018

Welcome to the sugar-fueled cake universe of Christina Tosi.

Christina Tosi is the two-time James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of Milk Bar. Known for baking outside lines and giving desserts a personal touch, she had become one of the most famous pastry Chefs in the world. Completing her triumphant trilogy that began with Momofuku Milk Bar (2011) and Milk Bar Life (2015), Christina Tosi’s All About Cake is just a delight! Beyond her famous multi-layered wedding cakes, the reader can only hope to resist the tasty temptations of her latest creation.

From her home kitchen to the creations of her beloved Milk Bar, All About Cake covers everything. Two-minute microwave mug cakes, buttery bundts and pounds, her famous cake truffles and, of course, her signature naked layer cakes.

All About Cake

Inside All About Cake

This cookbook is thoroughly amazing! It goes above and beyond what we had anticipated. The recipes are original and inventive! This cookbook perfectly balances the comfort of homemade baked goods with the flair of modern and experimental baking. Within this pages exists a universe of ooey-gooey banana-chocolate-peanut butter cakes you made in a crockpot or even a layer cake that tastes like Key lime pie.

Another thing we like in this book are the pictures, the colors and the way Christina writes. We believe this book is so well written that is very comforting to just sit and read without even having to bake anything.

More than just a collection of Christina’s greatest-hits recipes this book will be your guide for how to make cakes of any flavor you can think of, whether you’re a kitchen rookie or a professional pastry chef.

All About Cake
Pistachio Bundt Cake

Let’s Bake Some Goodies

Despite being a very recent cookbook we have already baked a great number of recipes. And we love them all! Just like her other books, this one does not disappoint. It’s loaded with amazing new recipes and categorized into bund cakes, hot cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, and layer cakes. There are so many exciting, inventive, and delicious cakes, that we don’t know which one to try first.

Finally, besides the entertainment and fun, you get by reading this book you also have access to the actual recipes of Milk Bar. Similarly to what happens in the other two cookbooks, this one is a true inspiration for anyone passionate about pastry! In other words a must-have in any good cookbook collection.


All About Cake is another great cookbook from Christina Tosi. A cookbook loaded with incredible new recipes and amazing photos. More than just a collection of Christina’s greatest-hits recipes this book will be your new go-to pastry cookbook.









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