STUR Skillet Review

STUR Skillet Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
June 30, 2021

STUR Skillet: The German Cast-Iron Skillet

We love to cook with cast iron, for us, there is nothing better than cast iron cookware. We know that we are not the only ones to love cast iron, so for this reason, today we decided to bring you our STUR Skillet Review.

A Cast iron skillet is an essential piece of equipment for any cook. It not only transitions from grill to stovetop to oven with ease, but it’s versatile enough to sear steaks or bake fluffy cakes. What’s more, the durable material improves over time, forming a natural nonstick seasoning that’s even better than chemical coatings. Cast iron is practically indestructible, so long as you know how to clean and handle it.

There are many different shapes, styles, and strengths of cast iron skillets, but today we'll look closely at STUR skillets which are at this moment our favorite ones!

STUR Cookware

Filip Mierzwa and Simon Koestler are two friends that are looking to change the cast-iron cookware market. In the search for pans, pots, and knives with a good price-performance ratio, they realize that there is usually insufficient or even incorrect information on the Internet and even in specialist shops. Their journey to look for the best cookware led them to launch their own skillet brand with one of Germany's biggest-ever Kickstarter campaigns, having collected pre-orders totaling over 1.85 million euros.

Together with the STUR community (which now consists of over 12,000 people) and the renowned industrial designers Peter Lasch and Bastian Prillwitz, they were able to launch their STUR skillets to the market. At this moment there are two skillets available, one large with 28 cm (11-inch) and one medium with 24 cm (9.5-inch).

STUR Skillet Review

How Does the STUR Skillet Compare?

STUR skillet is cast in one piece and made of 100 % cast iron. This means that the handle won't get loose, which increases the lifetime of your skillet to basically forever.

However, this is not the main reason why we love these skillets. Thanks to an optimized design with thin sidewalls, this skillet is lighter than conventional cast-iron skillets. For us, it was the lightweight that made us fall in love with these skillets. When we compared the weight of the STUR skillet with other models on the market like the STAUB skillet, we registered a difference of 25% (approximately 500 g / 1.31 lb) in weight. (this comparison was made in 28 cm skillets).

Another characteristic that we really enjoy was the smooth texture of the skillet. This smooth texture, not only makes the skillet look awesome but when combined with the several layers of natural grapeseed oil that are added to the pan in the factory, gives this skillet good non-stick properties, without the need to use artificial coating or chemicals.

Last but not least, as all good cast iron skillets, the STUR skillet can be used in every type of stove: whether ceramic, electric, gas, or induction. And of course, it can also be used in the oven or any barbecue.

Having said all this, the STUR Skillet is basically a cast-iron skillet designed for the 21st century: lighter, smoother, built for everyday cooking and made to last.

STUR Skillet Review

8 Good Reasons To Try the STUR Skillets

  1. Made to last: Made from an extremely durable material, STUR skillets are made from a piece of cast iron that is casted with greatest precision.
  2. Hardly any sticking of food: the rough casting surface of the cast iron is smoothly under computer control and several layers of natural grapeseed oil are added to the pan. The combination of these processes gives STUR skillets good non-stick properties. And that without the use of artificial coatings or chemicals.
  3. The perfect tool for the perfect crust: Cast iron stores and gives off a  lot of heat. That is why we love to use cast iron cookware, it is the right kitchen material to give your food the right browning and crispness.
  4. Made in Germany: Stur skillets are made 100% in Germany in cooperation with selected manufacturers who combine traditional processes with modern technology. STUR Cookware's partner foundry Gienanth, for example, is known worldwide for the manufacture of engine parts for German premium car brands (according to legend, the engines for Bugatti's first racing cars were cast at Gienanth in the Palatinate).
  5. The right weight: At 2.4 kg (85 oz), the 28 cm (11 inches) STUR pan is around 30% lighter than traditional cast iron skillets, but just as robust and therefore has exactly the right weight for everyday use.
  6. Ergonomic handle and counter handle: The minimalist design of the handle is suitable for both small and large hands and grips comfortably. The pan can be easily hung up through the hole in the handle. In addition, the counter handle guarantees that the full pan can be carried safely - even with pot holders or oven gloves.
  7. Suitable for every type of stove: Whether ceramic, electric, gas, or induction - the STUR skillet is at home on every stove. The deliberately thick base distributes the heat evenly and enables precise roasting, regardless of the hob. And for the grillers among you, the STUR skillet can of course also be placed on the grillage!
  8. Not just for meat lovers: Due to the high heat storage capacity and optimal heat distribution of cast iron, STUR skillet browns vegetables perfectly instead of just simmering them in their own juice.

STUR Skillet Review

Product Information

Large Size

Dimensions: 28 cm (11-inch)
Weight: 2.4 kg (5.3 lb)

Medium Size

Dimensions: 24 cm (9.5-inch)
Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lb)

At the End of STUR Skillet Review

After years of using different cast-iron skillets, we can say with confidence that STUR skillets are among the best cast-iron skillets on the market. Although these skillets require some maintenance and proper care, they are without any doubt our favorite cast-iron skillets to use. Not only do they look great but they feel even better! Their lightweight is perfect for everyday use, and after you cook with these skillets it will be very difficult to go back to your old heavy cast-iron skillet.

For those who are looking for the first cast-iron skillet, we believe that STUR is a great option. Not only these skillets will provide you a great time in the kitchen, but they also will not break your bank as it happens with some models on the market.


The cast-iron skillets from STUR are between the best cast-iron skillets we ever used! Its design, smooth finish, and lightweight make these skillets our favorite ones on the market.


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