The Feast Goes On Cookbook Review

The Feast Goes On Cookbook Review
August 10, 2020

Their Story Continues as The Feast Goes On

Here we are again with another review of a cookbook from the Monday Morning Cooking Club. This time, we bring you their second cookbook, The Feast Goes On.

A generous, warm-hearted book, The Feast Goes On features the best-loved and most delicious recipes and stories from the heart and soul of the Jewish community right across Australia. With the same essence of their other cookbooks, this one speaks of a community drawn together by food, telling stories of love, friendship, and family.

the feast goes on

The Next Chapter

The Feast Goes On is a very ambitious chapter in the story of this Jewish club. Thanks to the huge success of the Monday Morning Cooking Club Cookbook, this group of talented women decided to go even further on this second book, and past Sydney Borders, across the whole country: to South Australia and to Perth in the west, to Queensland in the north and to Melbourne in the south.

For us this book is the pure definition of comfort food and home cooking. From precious family recipes that have been lovingly handed down the generations, right through to new classics that will become instant family favorites, The Feast Goes On contains over 100 recipes to suit every occasion.

From everyday eating to feasting, light lunches, comfort food to traditional dishes, this is a cookbook of rich, wonderful ideas and flavors to nurture, nourish and inspire. And like in all other books, the recipes are easy to follow, having clear instructions, and the ingredients listed in the order that theiy are needed.

the feast goes on

The Definition of Comfort Food

If we could just use two words to describe this book it would be "Comfort Food". As we say in our about us page, for us cookbooks are a great heritage of our ancestors. Nothing means more than Comfort Food, that the recipes that we are used to eating since we are kids, that feeds us not only our body but also our soul.

The Feast Goes On is a representation of all these feelings. Starting with its stories, photographs, handwritten notes that you can see in the background of some recipes, and its cozy mood. All these different elements represent the best you can find in comfort food.

Final Thoughts

The Feast Goes On is another excellent cookbook from the Monday Morning Cooking Club. It's by far one the best comfort food cookbooks that we had the opportunity to review. From its stories to its delicious recipes, this is a book that deserves to be in all the kitchens around the world. If you are a fan of real and authentic comfort food this is the right book for you.


The Feast Goes On is another great cookbook from the Morning Monday Cooking Club. Full of delicious recipes and stories from the heart and soul this cookbook is the essence of comfort food and home cooking.









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