American Press: A New Way To Brew Review

American Press: A New Way To Brew Review
September 27, 2019

It’s American Press

Luckily for us and for all the coffee enthusiast out there, the number of coffee equipment continues to grow every day. This means only one thing – more reviews on our website! So for this equipment review, we and the abcoffee team decided to bring you the American Press review.

The American Press is a manual coffee maker that puts unprecedent brewing control in your hands, whether you just want a great cup quickly and easily or you want to fully geek out and perfect your own technique. Unlike a French Press, with an American Press grounds remain contained in a patented reusable pod before, after and during brewing for easy cleanup, and you’re actively brewing as you press, not just straining out grounds as you would with a French press.

american press review
American Press Package

It’s Not French Press, It’s American Press

The American Press combined an artfully design, fool-proof and handle-free, shatter and burst resistant, double-wall carafe, and a few more tricks to produce an amazing cup of coffee.

We have been using this equipment for a while and we have been having a great time while doing it. Brewing with this unit is very simple, just a three-step process: add your coffee and water, press, and pour. When it comes to making a good cup of coffee, there is no much easier way than this one. For us, a good coffee equipment has to be convenient, and at this point, this unit was built with convenience in mind.

Besides the easy brewing process, cleaning this equipment it is also something easy to do. Due to the patented reusable pod technology, all the extracted coffee will be contained in the pod, keeping the mess contained and waste out of landfills. This great for you but also for the planet since we are talking about a reusable system that doesn’t use one-time filters.

How It Works

Product Information

Technical Specification

Product dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches / 8.9 x 8.9 x 21.6 cm
Item Weight: 1.4 pounds / 0.6 Kg
shipping weight: 1.6 pounds / 0.7 kg
Item model number: AP355t
Capacity 14fl.oz. /414 ml

Why Do We Like It So Much?

Besides a great cup of coffee that you get with the American Press, there are several reasons that make us like this unit.

One of the main reasons is the build quality. There are several details that make this simple press, in an excellence coffee equipment. Starting with the ultra-fine 100-micron steel filter that ensures a clean and complex cup that’s consistent from the first sip to the last. Brewed under pressure, this equipment produces an espresso-inspired cup akin to an Americano that’s lab tested and proven to be higher in TDS with less sediment than leading steel-filtered coffee presses, and to produce a less bitter and a more balanced, fruitier cup than French press.

The carafe’s also very well built, it has double-wall that ensures that you will not burn your ends after brewing the coffee. And of course, it’s BPA free which is also very important for your health. Another small detail that we love in the American Press is the magnet that secures the plunger to the lid. This may not seem a big of a deal, but this is very useful when removing the plunger after the brewing process.

american press review
American Press

At The End Of American Press Review

It’s American Press is an excellent product and a better alternative to the traditional French press. It produces a better coffee and a lot less mess!

If you are looking for a straightforward everyday brewer, that brews a great cup of coffee and that is easy to clean, we definitely recommend the American Press. Even though it’s more expensive, that price comes with high-quality material and better results. For a coffee geek immersion it’s always a nerve breaking kind process of brewing but not anymore with this equipment.


The American Press brewer is a great concept. It's fun to watch, easy-to-use, easy to clean, portable, and most importantly makes great-tasting coffee.


Ease Of Use


Cleaning Ease




Coffee Quality

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