Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect Review

Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
January 3, 2022

One Pan Perfect: Fresh, Fast, No-Fuss, Deliciousness

First of all, Happy 2022, and welcome to our first cookbook review of the year!

In this week's cookbook review, we are back with another home cooking cookbook, this time with Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect.

Donna Hay is back with a new, gorgeous cookbook, One Pan Perfect, to make life simple, easy, and delicious. Donna loves to make it easy for home cooks, and thus it's been her motto in her latest books.

Her stunning new cookbook, One Pan Perfect - featuring over 120 recipes for simple, easy, no-fuss deliciousness, which only need one pot, pan, tray, or bowl - will take you from the kitchen to the table in no time at all and make your whole family happy.

Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect Review

Ways to Cook Faster, Smarter, and Tastier

There is no surprise how much we enjoy Donna's cookbooks for all those who follow us. For anyone who loves to cook and cookbooks is challenging to imagine a life without Donna!

Her last two books, Weeklight and Everyday Fresh, were incredible, and now, post-pandemic, she's done it again. One Pan Perfect is a book that many fans have been asking.

Who wants to wash up, who wants to stand over a pan for too long? The ideal meal is something you can pop in the oven and head out for a quick walk or finish off those emails while working from home.

We all want to find ways to cook faster, smarter, and tastier than ever before, to sit back and let big, punchy flavors do the heavy lifting with just a single pan, pot, tray, or dish.

One Pan Perfect is the book you need to prepare almost-instant, all-in-one meals that are super-delicious and better for you. Think fast, tasty new twists on all your favorites, plus all-new flavor combinations to explore, ready to dial up your weeknight family dinners and lazy weekend lunches.

Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect Review
Pancetta-Wrapped Roast Pork with Pear and Fennel

A New Book We are Used To

For anyone used to Donna's previous books, you'll recognize some of their characteristics in One Pan Perfect.

This new book starts with a section called Kitchen Basics, typical in Donna's cookbooks, where you'll find all ‍the tips, tricks, and how-tos to shortcut your way through the kitchen.

You'll find Donna's notes in each recipe, which is another thing that you find in her previous books, that is very helpful, suggesting alternative ingredients or simply telling you how you should cut the ingredients for a particular recipe.

New to this book is the implementation of QR codes. In some recipes, you can even scan and bring the book to life through a series of instant videos that will lift your cooking game to new heights.

Donna Hay: One Pan Perfect Review
Chicken with Burnt Lemons and Haloumi

Final Thoughts

One Pan Perfect is another excellent book by Donna!

As Donna says, "There's a magic that lives in the humble tray bake and one-pot wonder: Letting beautiful ingredients mingle together over a bubbling simmer or bake can make them shine their brightest."

One Pan Perfect is all about all-in-one recipes that will redefine your idea of easy cooking. Brimming with breezy midweek meals you can have on the table in minutes through to crowd-pleasing weekend lunches and baking projects, this is a book that we all need after another of intensive home cooking.


One Pan Perfect is an excellent book for anyone looking for all-in-one recipes. A book about minimal effort and maximum flavor.









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