The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook Review

The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
June 10, 2019

A Vegetarian Feast

So far, we have already brought you many genres of cookbooks, from BBQ, Home Cooking, Restaurant Cookbook, and much more. But in this week cookbook review, we decide to bring you a new genre of cookbooks, the vegetarians. So, the best way to start with this new series is with The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook.

Fresh vegetables are an integral part of Greek cuisine, and The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook showcases exactly that. In this book, you will find an array of delicious meatless breakfasts, soups, salads, vegetables, grains, and desserts. Drawing inspiration from all over Greece, the book simplifies this hugely popular cuisine. With easily achievable, nourishing recipes so satisfying and tasty that they appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook follows Phaidon’s other successful vegetarian cookbooks in this series: The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook and The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook.

the greek vegetarian cookbook
The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook

Inside The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook

The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook is a great tribute to Greek Cuisine. Although is a meatless cookbook you will find a great variety of famous Greed dishes. Carrot and Cilantro Falafels, Roasted Eggplant and Bean Salad, or even the Greek Cannelloni Bake are recipes that will leave even the most meat enthusiasts in love by this cookbook.

Divided into six chapters: Meze Dips & Snacks, Salads, Breakfasts & Brunches, Light Lunches, Dinners, and Bakes & Desserts, this book has recipes for all tastes. With easy to follow recipes and simple ingredients, anyone will be able to achieve perfect meals. You might find other vegetarian cookbooks boring, but this one is definitely not one of those books.

With fresh and vibrant recipes, and astonishing photos this vegetarian cookbook is a great addition to any cookbook collection. All the photos in this book will leave you with mouthwatering and wanting to jump straight into the kitchen.

the greek vegetarian cookbook
Fig Orange Cake

Final Thoughts About The The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook

To be truly honest with you, we never brought a vegetarian cookbook to our reviews because they normally suck. Full of vegetable stews or grilled eggplant and a few crappy recipes. But with this new cookbook from Phaidon, we finally find a book that is worth to talk about. For all of you out there, that are looking for a new and great vegetarian cookbook, don’t look more because we already find it for you!


Even though we are not vegetarians at the cooking world, we truly love this cookbook. The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook is full with really awesome and mouthwatering recipes.









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