Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review

Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
June 7, 2021

Wild Sweetness: Recipes Inspired by Nature

It's been a while since our last dessert cookbook review so we couldn't be more thrilled to be sharing with you our Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review.

From the creator of the award-winning food blog, Butter and Brioche, comes a unique and beautifully designed full-color cookbook that brings wild flavors to desserts as told through the seasons.

In Wild Sweetness, Thalia Ho captures the essence of the wild and re-imagines it on the plate. She guides us through a tale of six distinct seasons and the flavors inspired by them: of bright, herbaceous new life in spring, to the aromatic florals that follow, of bursting summer berries, over-ripe fruit, warmth, and spice in fall, then ending with winter and its smolder.

In more than 95 recipes, Thalia opens our eyes and taste buds to a celebration of what the wild has to offer - a world of sweet escapism, using flavor to heighten our experience of food. Enthralling, unique, and inspired recipes you’ll want to cook over and over again.

Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review

An Endless Love For the Wild

In an increasingly gray and modernized world, it is important not to forget how precious contact with nature is. In Wild Sweetness Thalia shows her endless love for the wild and the impact it has on her life. For Thalia, the greatest moments of her life have come from nature. Of thorned, stolen brambles from the side of the road, and nights around the fire, smoldered and never the same.

Wild plays an important role in this book not only because it serves as inspiration for each recipe, but because everything in this book is built around it. The chapters in Wild Sweetness are built accordingly to the natural flow of nature, where each chapter Evergreen, Flora, Bramble, Orchard, Woodland and Smoke, represents the different seasons of the year.

The book begins with Evergreen, a herald of new life against the dark. The first of the flowers soon follow in Flora, a chapter that seems soft, but like a rose comes thorned. The heat hits in Bramble, a chapter bursting with berries and things to ease the swelter. And then, Orchard - it's a time of fleshed, fallen fruit, somewhere between late summer and autumn. A need for comfort arrives in woodland, with warmth and spice, then finally, Smoke. It's intense and rich, wintered.

Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review
Plum and Halzenut Finaniers (p.131)

A Bit of Nature in Every Recipe

As we already said, nature plays a very important role in this cookbook. In addition to the chapters being built accordingly to the natural flow of nature, all the recipes, and photos in each chapter were carefully selected accordingly to each season. Is this attention to detail that really makes this book shines, and are these details that will transport you to the middle of the wild as you go through this book.

As a nature-centric book, most of the recipes use seasonal products that are easily accessible to most of us. The combination of flavors in this book is quite unique - Fennel Pollen Pistachio Cake, an expression of the verdant spring; Boysenberry Frozen Yogurt, a cool relief against the heat; earthy, warm, and autumnal Bey Leaf Blondies; the wintry smoke of a Scorched Cheesecake.

Wild Sweetness is a book written by a home baker for the home baker, each means you can easily make its recipes at home, assuming that you know your way around the kitchen. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and some of the easiest recipes don't require more than 6 ingredients.

Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review
Truffles (p.160)

At the End of Wild Sweetness Cookbook Review

Wild Sweetness is a unique pastry cookbook that reconnects us with nature, by showing us how beautiful it can be, and how we can get the best out of it. Besides the fantastic recipes in this book, what we liked the most was the way the whole book was built around the wild. This is difficult to put in words, but as you go through the book, you will feel like you are lost (in a good way) in the middle of nature.

If you are looking for a new pastry cookbook we really encourage you to take a look at the Wild Sweetness because you won't find another book like this one on the market.


Wild Sweetness is a book about nature. A book that tells a tale of the natural world, and its influence, which bleeds into everything, even food.









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