YesChef: The Best Online Cooking Classes

YesChef: The Best Online Cooking Classes
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
January 13, 2021

The World's Best Chefs Teach Home Cooking on YesChef

Looking for the best online cooking classes for 2021? The YesChef platform is where you'll find them! If you never heard about this platform, you should take a look at the first article we wrote about it, because you have been missing out on one of the best online food contents you can find.

We have been using YesChef since August 2020, and we couldn't be more excited about its future. With already thirteen world-renowned chefs announced, and first classes from Edward Lee, Nancy Silverton, and Erez Komarovsky available, 2021 will be the right year to join YesChef.

YesChef: The Best Online Cooking Classes

A New Learning Experience

The pandemic has accelerated consumer adoption of online learning, as everyone, everywhere is looking to access meaningful experiences from home. Tapping into this fast-growing market, YesChef delivers a unique combination of globe-trotting, inspirational storytelling, with hands-on learnings inside a food-centric experience, to let the user feel like they're with the chefs at home.

Unlike other educational offerings online, YesChef is the first premium platform entirely dedicated to the art of home cooking, with video classes that fuse documentary storytelling with a practical, immersive experience, to deliver a totally new kind of cooking education that uses inspiration to power education.

YesChef doesn’t feel like an educational platform, and that’s the point. Each class is a culinary journey led by a master chef, designed to draw viewers into their world, inspire them through storytelling, and, ultimately, lead them back to their own home kitchens where they can apply the techniques, secrets, and recipes of the world’s best.

Designed to Educate

YesChef uses the tool of aspirational storytelling, but as a means to motivate viewers to get in the kitchen themselves. Starting with an inspirational, documentary story before going into their home kitchen across a dozen deep-dive lessons, every 5-hour long class takes you on a culinary journey with the chef, to teach a lifetime of knowledge with access to the fundamentals, secrets, and dishes that made each one famous.

Every class covers a broad range of recipes, techniques, and inspirations, and includes a step-by-step guided experience, detailed recipes, and unlimited access from any device.

Unlike other educational video platforms on the market, YesChef is singularly focused on building a food education experience created by cooking enthusiasts, technologists, storytellers, designers, and filmmakers. Alluringly shot, scored, and produced, YesChef classes convey the beauty of food and the deep pleasure that can be taken in its preparation.

YesChef: The Best Online Cooking Classes

Learn How to Cook With The World's Greatest Chefs

As we already mentioned, the online cooking classes from YesChef are taught by the world's best chefs. One of the aspects that separate YesChef Classes from some of its competitors is the quality of its instructors. Right now, you have cooking classes available from chef Edward Lee, Nancy Silverton, and  Erez Komarovskya but you can expect other names joining this ever-growing library, like Sean Brock, Francis Mallmann, just to name a few.

Although in the future we will bring the individual reviews of each class, we can already say that we have been enjoying this platform. Beyond the quality of the content, we really have been enjoying the diversity of content. Although both available classes are focused on home cooking in both we learn totally different things.

YesChef: The Best Online Cooking Classes

A Bright Future Ahead

Although YesChef is in its beginnings, is already a platform that offers amazing content. For everything we had experienced over these last months, we can safely say that YesChef has everything it needs to become one of the best online cooking classes platform. If you don't want to lose anything about YesChef, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, because we have a lot of new content coming.

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