A New Take On Cake Cookbook Review

A New Take On Cake Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
January 10, 2022

A New Take on Cake: The Newest Cookbook From Anne Bryn

In this week's cookbook review, we decided to bring you something completely different from what we are used to reviewing. A New Take on Cake may seem like a regular pastry cookbook, but you'll see in this review that it adds a twist on more traditional pastry books.

Anne Byrn, the author of this book, is known for her cake mix magic, and A New Take on Cake makes baking from a boxed mix as inspiring as it is easy.

In these pages, you'll find everything from vegan tortes to gluten-free cakes, doughnuts to cake pops, and whoopie pies to a wedding cake. All for snacking, celebrating, and everything in between!

With 50 modernized classics and 125 brand-new recipes, no one will believe your New-Fashioned Yellow Cake, Vegan Chocolate Cake with Creamy Nutella Frosting, or Ginger-Pear Loaf with Vanilla Drizzle were made from boxed mixes.

A New Take On Cake

Why Cake Mix?

Although we are huge fans of making everything from scratch, sometimes too much, as you can tell from our Lacto Fermented ketchup recipe, some of you have been asking for this review.

To our younger audience, a name like Anne Bryn may mean nothing but to those of us born in the 80's we probably recognize it from the book The Cake Mix Doctor, published in 1999.

Now more than 20 years later, Anne is writing a new book for a new time. As she says, "I still believe that you can turn a mix into a masterpiece - and I still want to help you bake cakes with only a handful of ingredients and be able to effortlessly savor the joy of home baking.

In A New Take on Cake, Anne explores new favors, new shapes of pans, new methods for baking and frosting cakes. New ways to make cake inclusive and friendly for all, and share exciting new recipes and updates of many Cake Mix Doctor classics using today's smaller mixes.

For those who have the previous book, you will see that A New Take on Cake is built on the last book, but it is for baking today.

The cakes are still accessible but are bolder, fresher, more pantry-driven, and often adventurous while remaining simple enough to inspire everyone. It is a book for bakers of all ages, regardless of how much you have to spend on ingredients, where you live, your baking preferences, whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or need to follow a sugar-free diet--and no matter your baking skill level.

A New Take On Cake
Basic Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Photography by Danielle Atkins (p. 222)

A Roadmap to Being Creative in the Kitchen

A New Take on Cake will work as a roadmap to being creative in the kitchen. Here you'll find several blueprint methods for cakes, frosting, and more.

But A New Take on Cake is not just a roadmap! This book also has plenty of recipes for anyone who prefers recipes rather than blueprints. We tried several of them, and they were all very straightforward, with clear and simple instructions.

The recipes for cakes and other sweet treats are organized in 6 main chapters, ranging from Layer Up (layered cakes), Boundt, Pounds, and Loaves to Cookies, Bars, and Bites.

A New Take On Cake
How to Frost Layers. Photography by Danielle Atkins (p. 34)

Final Thoughts

Although A New Take on Cake is not our kind of pastry cookbook, we see its value, and we now understand why we have received many requests to do this review.

Whether you are following a gluten-free, plant-based diet or are just a fan of a good old-fashioned yellow layer cake with chocolate fudge icing, you'll find your calling and won't have to spend all day making it.

A New Take on Cake is a perfect book for any who wants to bake at home without any effort, using only a hand full of ingredients. For someone who wants to take his first steps into the world of pastry or those who wish to explore the cake mix market a bit more, we believe that you'll have a lot of fun with this book.


A New Take on Cake teaches you to turn a cake mix into a cake masterpiece. A book for anyone who wants to bake cakes with only a handful of ingredients.









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